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Practice Areas

My firm specializes in the following areas.

Tax Preparation


I love helping my clients with their federal and state tax preparations. I prepare each tax return thoroughly, and I interview each client with utmost attention to ensure that they are getting the maximum refund for their tax situation.


That is why I have so many repeat clients over the years. I have successfully assisted clients by making them current on their delinquent tax returns, amending their prior year returns to take advantage of missed deductions, to name a few.


Please call me for a free consultation.

Audit Assistance
When IRS asks you certain information, giving the right information is key. The more information you give, the more IRS has to go after you. I have assisted numerous clients with audits.
Please call me for a free consultation.

One of my specialties is helping my clients in obtaining an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN).


An ITIN is required to claim your spouse or dependent children who may not be eligible for a Social Security Number (SSN). The general protocol established by IRS calls for sending your original passports to IRS and waiting up to 60 days for their review. This leaves the client hostage in that they cannot make any sudden trips out of the country.


I am a Certifying Acceptance Agent, which allows me to review the clients identification document (mostly the passport), certifying it, and then sending the Certificate of Accuracy form (W7-COA) form to the IRS instead of the passport. The client does not have to part with their passport at all.


I have successfully helped numerous clients in getting an ITIN, with a 100% success rate.

Please call me for a free consultation.

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